"One bright sunny day a couple were walking along the beach and when they looked towards the shore they saw thousands of star fish that had been washed up. Further along the beach they saw a young boy that was picking up the star fish and placing them back in the Ocean. The man said to the boy “why are you putting them star fish back in the water, there are too many of them to make a difference” the young boy picked up another star fish and gently placed it back into the sea, he then looked at the couple and said “it makes a difference to that one."

Hi, my name is Michael Orr and I first saw the above story around 30 years ago. It had an impact on me then and it still does today. If I can help someone to make a difference, for the better, to this world we live in, then that will be good enough to me. Yes, we can help many people in our lifetime but in my experience, it is better to start with one person at a time and go from there.

In my journey I have worked in business since the sprite young age of 20. I am now 52. So, in the business world you would say that I have 32 years of experience. That is true, but I did not just live in the business world. I had friends, family, girlfriends, a wife (not at the same time I liked to add), daughters, grandsons and granddaughters, addictions, recovery (now over 26 years), bereavements, failures, disappointments, success, fun, happiness, sadness, illnesses, holidays, Christian Conversion, Baptism you get the picture.
"Life is a colourful tapestry of experiences."

One major lesson I learned in all my experience is “Learn to Listen and Listen to Learn”. I learned this by listening to others and not listening to others. When I did listen then things went my way and when I didn’t listen, you guessed it, I usually fell flat on my face.

If you have an idea that you want to bring to the world then get in touch
If you need to discuss something with a completely independent person then get in touch
If you are a company or a charity and you feel you want to bring a new product or idea to the market place and not 100% sure about its validity, then get in touch
Whatever you might need a listening ear for you to express what is rattling around inside of you then get in touch

Don’t worry about fees. Pay me what you like and if you feel that I have not been helpful then don’t pay me at all. Sound like a fair deal, then what are you waiting for… GET IN TOUCH